Saturday, November 19, 2011

Church Profile

1.1 Overview

Manzini Christian Community Church (MC3) is one of the few evolutionary churches in Swaziland aggressively confronting contemporary social ailments.  Though the church plant was started a couple of years ago, it had to be halted till the Lord prayerfully brought more technical/contemporary people who would fully embrace the vision. And as of mid 2011, the church has been fully engaged in discipleship, leadership development and as a result we are ready to conquer the city/nation for Jesus Christ through structured, disciplined skilled contextual evangelism.

1.2    The Congregation

Manzini Christian Community Church, known lovingly as MC3, is a growing body of believers located in the city of Manzini, Swaziland. The committed group of young African singles, professionals and families celebrate weekly alongside community members brought to Swaziland from throughout the world. Their vision is two fold: embrace the present transformational power of Christ’s Love and empower future generations of Swazi’s to continue building His Kingdom in Manzini and beyond. MC3 is shepherded by Pastor Jim Machuku and currently meets in a rented conference facility  within the urban center of Manzini. Its members are progressive and forward thinking; they project a positive vision for Swaziland and seek to shine brightly in the community

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